"Free, individualized ACT tutoring to Chicago high school students"

Better Scores, Better College Choices, Greater Financial Aid Opportunities

Along with grades and academic class load, a high school student’s ACT test score plays a major factor in determining college admission.  Many qualified students could improve their chances of getting into a better college with a higher ACT test score, but they do not always have the resources that can help them succeed. Many students from more affluent areas have access to individualized tutoring and find their scores improve greatly with this addition.

Prep to Succeed is an organization which provides free, individualized ACT tutoring to Chicago high school students. Our goal is to help students increase their ACT scores which will help them get into better colleges and obtain greater financial aid opportunities.

To qualify for the tutoring, students must be in the top level of their class, as these are the students who are most likely to benefit from additional help. These students come from low-income families and would not have access to this level of tutoring otherwise because of its cost.

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