Amber F. Student
The program was really helpful. I began at a 22 and went up to a 27. I would had never done it alone. It was a really great program without a doubt. Also, they were really nice people who were extremely helpful.
Karen Z. Student
I’m really glad I was in this program because it has helped me a lot. I have friends in the Kaplan program who tell me they’ve not made any progress. They were surprised to know that my score has increased.
Jasmine T. Student
I really liked the tutoring. It has really helped me prepare for the ACT.
Wendy G. Student
I absolutely love this program. It has really helped me become a better test taker.
Juan L. Student
I really feel this class has prepared me for the test. My tutor was extremely helpful and taught me very well. I know I’ll do fine on the test because of her.
Lupita C. Student
I am so glad to let you know I improved on the exam. I still can’t believe my score! I doubted myself so much! I am so thankful for the program. It really prepared me. Thank you so much!
Dana M. Guidance Counselor-Curie High School
Excellent growth! We’re so grateful. Thanks so much!
Nekaybaw Student
I think the program was fantastic! It helped me grow as a scholar and made me a better test taker.
Shaylene Student
I really liked this program and I am glad to have learned about it. I think it helped me a lot and I would highly recommend it.