Jerry M. Prep To Succeed 2019 (ACT Improvement 28 to 32)
Hello, …. I just got my full ACT score report from the April ACT. When I started your program I got a composite 28. After the 11 week process I raised my score 4 points to a composite 32 with a 10 on the essay. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to improve my score and open up my opportunities for selective colleges. I will undoubtedly recommend this program to lower classmen in the IB program at Taft. Again, thank you!!
Amber F. Student
The program was really helpful. I began at a 22 and went up to a 27. I would had never done it alone. It was a really great program without a doubt. Also, they were really nice people who were extremely helpful.
Karen Z. Student
I’m really glad I was in this program because it has helped me a lot. I have friends in the Kaplan program who tell me they’ve not made any progress. They were surprised to know that my score has increased.
Jennifer P Prep To Succeed 2017 (ACT improvement 24 to 28)
I will be continuing my undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University this fall and I received their Morrill Scholarship which covers all of my tuition. … Thank you so much for the opportunity to be tutored for the ACT. It has definitely helped with my college process and has given me many opportunities. Thank you, Jennifer


Victoria K. Prep To Succeed 2017 (ACT improvement 28 to 31)
I’m happy to say that I will be attending Northwestern University next year. Northwestern has awarded me the Northwestern Scholarship and the Good Neighbor, Great University scholarship. Luckily, Northwestern offered me enough money to cover the entire cost of tuition!… Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for all the help you provided us for the ACT!
Veronica T. Prep To Succeed 2018 (ACT improvement 24 to 31)
I never expected to raise my score by 7 points and I am very proud of my accomplishment. I feel honored that I had the opportunity to work with all of the members of the Prep to Succeed program. Thank you again for all of your help, and I also reached out to [my tutor] Amy thanking her personally too! This program has opened many doors of opportunity, and I would recommend it for every student that is interested!
Lupita C. Student
I am so glad to let you know I improved on the exam. I still can’t believe my score! I doubted myself so much! I am so thankful for the program. It really prepared me. Thank you so much!
Dana M. Guidance Counselor-Curie High School
Excellent growth! We’re so grateful. Thanks so much!
Mary T., mother of Aphrodite Prep To Succeed 2018 (ACT Improvement 22 to 26)
Your program was just wonderful. We are so thankful that Aphrodite was able to participate in it and look forward to Josefina [our younger daughter] having the same opportunity. Aphrodite is going to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She was accepted to University of Wisconsin/Madison and waitlisted for University of Michigan Ann Arbor.
Priscilla G. Prep To Succeed 2019 (ACT Improvement 22 to 28)
Hello Jay, my name is Priscila … and I attended the ACT Tutoring for this year. I just got my scores for the ACT scores (although I am still waiting for the writing scores) and I am extremely happy. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the tutoring you provided for us. I can’t believe how much I improved from the last time I had taken the ACT. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the tutoring and it helped me so much.